Thursday, February 21, 2013

Endless Hibachi...brilliant

One word... YUM (@ Koizi Endless Hibachi & Sushi Eatery)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Margarita's...not for food!!!

Never again....

Donkey Quesadilla is certainly not!  It's an open face flat bread with raw spinach...

The Chile Relleno was more of a cheese meat dip...and there was a quarter size price of pepper.

We had too ask the times for out daughters soft taco and never got our cheese dip.

The Hard taco had lettuce on top...nothing else...

Monday, October 15, 2012

A delightful surprise...

While attending a festival in Blairsville, GA we stumbled on the Copperhead Lodge.  Not only was it a great place to stay and hang out but a great place to eat.

They proclaim to have "Southern food with an Attitude" and they do!  Chef Billy does a great job incorporating attitude into good ol' fashion food... like Fried Grit Balls!!  Cheesy Grits, lightly breaded and deep fried... YUM!!

The Fried Green Tomato appetizer was great.  The tomatoes were GBD - Golden Brown Delicious - without the tomatoes turning to mush.  They were properly seasoned and the dipping sauce served on the side was fantastic.

I ordered their NY Strip Steak which was on special that night - it came with Blue Cheese crumbles on top, choice of two sides and a salad.  It was cooked perfectly and Chef Billy came out himself to ensure it was at the right temperature!

My wife ordered the Black and Blue Burger - it was juicy although she snagged some of my Blue Cheese off my steak to make up for the small amount given on top of her burger.

The Children's Cheeseburger was just about the same size and 1/2 of both burgers ended up in a to go box!!

Lodge Owners Anthony and Michelle really strive to make the Lodge comfortable and inviting and do a fantastic job.  There was live entertainment on the wrap around porch and the bar is a great place to hang out even if you aren't drinking!

We will certainly be back to stay as well as to eat!!

Good food...but at what cost?

 Father & Son Roll: shrimp tempura, cream cheese, avocado, asparagus, eel, crab on top with 3 special sauces. Very tasty but was also almost $12...
All Entrees includes soup, salad, steamed rice, vegetables and noodles.

 We ordered Shrimp & Scallops ($18.95) and Steak & Mahi mahi ($16.95).
Everything was cooked properly, steak was med rare, seafood was not rubber. We were slightly surprised at the smaller portions than given at those popular joints where they cook at the table.

The soft jazz music in the back gave way to a quiet relaxing atmosphere.  Then again there was only one other table besides us and two guests at the bar...pretty sad for 9pm on a Sat night.

Service was good although she tended to slam dishes and glasses on the table.  I did get a little put off and felt rushed when she started clearing the table yet i was clearly still eating... good thing i had chopsticks because she took my silverware. spite of the atmosphere and good food we would certainly think hard before coming back simply because if the prices.

Kravin Korean...don't let the outside fool you...

We actually pulled into the parking lot and then pulled out because it didn't look very busy and honestly looked a little run down... we went up the road to another Korean establishment that was very over priced and turned around and came back.  Boy are we glad we did!!

Not only did our order come with the standard Korean condiments but we each received a little fried fish that was very tasty - just watch for bones.

 My daughter ordered the Stone Pot Bibombab - it came to the table still sizzling!  She loved it!

After seeing the Spicy Seafood Pancake on the picture menu the server brought over for my wife when she heard her asking me all sorts of questions.  It was delicious and contained just the right amount of spice!

The Spicy Pork Bulgogi was out standing...

as was the Cho Dang Bossam...(Pork belly)

We will certainly be returning - and frequently!!  We knew we were in the right place when several Korean families began to come in dinner time approached. It was almost full by the time we left.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Two thumbs down...way down!!!

Pretty strange decor, Italian selections on menu in addition to some chicken and steak selections.

I was torn between a Tour of Italy and a Pick 2 surf/turf option. I chose the later...and was greatly disappointed. The proteins were about 5oz each...streak was very thin and over cooked-med when I asked for med rare and the Bourbon salmon was dry and flavourless.  The server immediately saw my disappointment and took it back and fired the Tour.
The Tour came our hot.  The lasagna tasted homemade but the chicken parm didn't.  It was a breaded tender drowned in sauce which then made it soggy.  It also smelled yeasty which made me a little concerned.  The Alfredo sauce was dry, very grainy...and lacked salt.  $15.59
The side of potato wedges were very good.  The had a nice coating and were crunchy. $1.79

The calzone was good...although was somewhat skimpy on cheese. Dough was good...chewy and crusty in all the right places.  $8.59 but a 1.75 for extra toppings!
They offered a wide variety of desserts...but I had to ask for my Chocolate Cake twice.  It was worth the wait.  Clearly homemade, huge slice and very fresh! $5.50

Kids meal lasagna was slightly skimpy...didn't include a beverage. $5.50

Our server was very nice and friendly but very slow.  The place was not overly busy but had steady business.  The median age is about 65...keep in mind our 12 year old brought it down.

We over heard another patron ask about adult beverages...nope...but customers are welcome to bring them in.  We then spotted two tables bring in wine but they were given mixed matched wine glasses.

Total NOT worth it!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Sushi go round

 Although the concept wasn't need idea we wondered how the sushi on the conveyor belt stayed cold.
 The two selections we had off the conveyor belt were tasty which prompted us to order a full roll of the sushi love. The role itself was very large and require does to couldn't have to eat it with our fork.

The order of beef bulgogi was very good although the steamed vegetables on the side were somewhat disappointing.